IPRS Mediquipe are the sole distributors of Biodex world-renowned rehabilitation equipment for UK & Ireland customers, with a nationwide network of experienced engineers providing support, training and maintenance to customers.

Biodex physiotherapy equipment is used by medical experts around the world within various organisations. Biodex physical testing, assessment and rehabilitation equipment can be applied to many applications including neuro rehabilitation, stroke therapy, Parkinson's physical therapy, sports science and so much more...

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From sport to orthopaedic medicine, we have a range of products to suit your needs. Take a look at the Biodex physical testing, assessment & rehabilitation equipment for medical & physiotherapy professionals...

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We offer professional and experienced aftercare to support our Biodex customers, along with bespoke clinical training and education to meet their individual needs...

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Fostering neuroplasticity for MS patients

Fostering neuroplasticity through repetition and biofeedbackThe common factor of virtually all neurological conditions is that...

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What tools are available to properly assess risk of initial injury or reinjury?

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IPRS Mediquipe supply equipment across a range of markets, including:

Private Practices
Private Hospitals
Premiership Football Clubs
The British Olympic Society
Research Establishments
Premiership Rugby Clubs
Elite Sports Academies