Education & Training

Business developments and personnel changes often highlight the need for training… IPRS Mediquipe offer professional bespoke clinical education to you and your staff, on your own site(s). A session would typically last 4 hours and would be tailored to your specific clinical requirements. 

In addition to our clinical training sessions, IPRS Mediquipe send out product news, clinical protocols and key research papers on topics chosen by our existing Biodex Equipment users and our own Objective Testing Educator. Please subscribe - email us to join the mailing list. IPRS Mediquipe host an annual Biodex Educational Isokinetic User day - providing existing and potential equipment users with key clinical information and the latest research from key presenters. Connect with us on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news. 

Please contact us to discuss your bespoke training needs.

About Interactive eLearning

We are pleased to offer the following courses in the Biodex eLearning centre: 

  • NEW Balance System SD (with v4.X Software) 
  • BioSway 
  • Gait Trainer 3 
  • Hamstring Injury Testing Protocols for the System 4 
  • NEW Integrated Music Therapy for the Gait Trainer 3 
  • Interactive Case Study: Parkinson’s Disease 
  • Interactive Case Study: Peripheral Neuropathy 
  • Interactive Case Study: Stroke (CVA) Patient 
  • Unweighing System 
  • Specialised Attachments and Positioning for System 3 and 4 
  • Using Balance Measurements in Concussion Management 
  • VibroTactile System 

The programme curriculum is designed to match the instruction you receive during an in-service visit, and more. However, you can take the courses at your own pace. You also have the ability to quickly navigate to the content that is most relevant to you, and view the rest at a later date, if you choose. 

The courses are comprised mainly of short tutorial videos and interactive exercises which simulate the actual product software interface. The viewing time for the courses is about 1.5-2 hours for the Operational modules and 30 minutes for the Applications modules. 

The courses can be viewed by anyone on your staff and will be a resource for new staff members or refresher training.